Below are audience responses from the World Premiere of Equal the Contest on 17th July 2023.

“Emotive, moving, inspiring, important and essential viewing”

“Courageous, beautiful, necessary”

A powerful story of the bravery to ‘be the change’ and a community’s determination to achieve it.”

“It’s a human story of equality – very powerful, very moving, and ground breaking”


“This is a story of our times. A real story showing why change is needed and how change can happen. It is about local communities, individuals and sport. It is revelatory and inspirational. Make sure you see it.”

“It’s an insightful & emotionally engaging discussion of contemporary gender ‘equality’ in sport.”

“Because it documents the lives of LGBTQIA people seeking and achieving full and genuine participation in a mainstream and male dominated sport. Because I see myself represented as a gay woman in this film and that matters. It will give hope and heart to others who want to build properly inclusive environments.”

“It shines a light on the embedded culture that AFL is today, which isn’t a true reflection of our society as a whole or representative or inclusive of the people who play or want to play AFL. Our world is changing and the larger systems (corporations) need to catch up and start embedding new systems that are supportive of inclusive language, equal and equitable opportunities and actually live and embed the values they so ‘proudly’ display on their socials. Each movement is a step forward and this documentary is the pebble we needed to start this important movement forward. Well done Mitch, The Falcons and everyone else who was fortunate enough to be involved in this much needed documentary.”

“I LOVED this film – it made me laugh, and cry, and feel very inspired about the importance of creating opportunities for gender-diverse people to play sports. Just loved the inclusiveness of the club, and the persistence of the individuals involved.”

“Because it’s a very important, but sad, reminder about the damaging impacts of exclusion and discrimination. And because its a very important reminder about the positive impacts that committed, hard-working folk can have in response to a bad situation. Because the people who made it and are in it are fantastic and do fantastic things and they are the sort of folk I want on our screens. Because I think genuine honesty, vulnerability and inclusive care and justice are really really valuable qualities that should be modelled and celebrated. Because all bodies are magnificent and enjoying our bodies and our power and the power of connection, commitment and care with one another is bloody good medicine.”

“It is a really important topic; it is told with humour and openness and joy so it is entertaining; it helps explain concepts of gender diversity that may be difficult for non gender diverse people to understand without being ‘let in’ to stories like this.”

“It captures the marginalisation of women and gender diverse people well, and the ridiculous obstacles involved in trying to simply enjoy a sport that half the population take for granted. It can help with the stubborn denial that these power structures exist and exist purely to protect themselves.”

“It is important to understand that not having access to sport for women and gender diverse folk see them excluded which has a knock on effect for mental health as well as physical health. This film helped me appreciate the hurdles the Mount Alexander Falcons had to (and continue to) overcome for what should be simply on offer – access to sport. There is a systemic issue around who has the right to play and who does not – that has no equity or fairness at its basis.”