The Equal the Contest Photobook is a 188 page book celebrating the 2022 players of the Mt Alexander Falcons football club.

Within 12 months of launching the club, it had attracted 70 playing and training members and throughout practice matches, despite being rejected from the league, gave 45-50 people the opportunity to take the field and play AFL.

While the film tells the story of the Falcon’s journey to establish a club against the odds, there were so many individual stories that were equally important to share, but couldn’t all fit into the documentary. This is my attempt at honouring all the courageous women and gender diverse people who make up the Mt Alexander Falcons.

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19 players stories are represented alongside their portraits in Chapter 2 The First Quarter: In our bodies, in our stories

The book is interrupted by chaotic, immersive scenes in the moment of play, which are stills taken from footage that Mitch captured from the perspective of their body during the filming of the feature documentary Equal the Contest.

More portraits of players are interspersed between the stories and game play footage, to show the diversity of players and redefine what a football player looks like. Players chose for themselves how they wanted to present themselves, some choosing to smile as football is so joyous to them, some choosing to look strong and reflect how they feel in their body while playing.

The following chapter Second Quarter: In action, visible shows players photographed from a sideline perspective. For many players, this is the first time they’ve seen themselves playing sport as, despite many having played sport their whole lives, their games have never been worthy of having a photographer turn up.

The Third Quarter: In solidarity is a celebration of the connection and camaraderie experienced by teammates, family and spectators.

This photobook redefines what a football player looks like and who belongs on the football field. It celebrates not only what our bodies are capable of, but the stories that bring us to the field and equal importance of the spirit in which the game is played.